A complete and lavish Cthulhu Mythos tarot deck, illustrated by Førtifem

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Mysterious Discovery

January 2020. At the dawn of this year to be marked with a black stone, even if we didn’t know it yet, we made a discovery that would change the course of our lives for the months to come.

Our publisher, who was traveling to Arkham to attend a conference, warned us that he had just got his hands on a disturbing publication…

A memoir written by the late Isaac S. Jefferson, who formerly held a chair in art history at the Miskatonic University, about a curious tarot. If we were to believe him, it might even be the primordial tarot, and perhaps the very first European deck of cards!

A difficult task

This complete tarot contained 78 illustrated cards of large size (3.35″ x 6.50″ / 85×165 mm), including 22 major and 56 minor arcana. In addition, the notes of Isaac S. Jefferson were in places imprecise, sometimes cryptic, and the reproductions of the cards they contained were often fragmented. To take up this challenge and to restore the luster of these immemorial arcana, we decided to ask Maxime Le Dain, translator and amateur folklorist, and Førtifem, a talented duo of contemporary illustrators, to lovingly reconstruct these forgotten works of art.

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